Tell Us Your Story

Strong relationships between school and home are vital for student success. Parents, elected officials and colleagues need to hear your stories of challenge and success. Use one of the prompts below to record your own short video and upload it right here. We’ll make sure your voice is amplified. Take a look at the sample videos created by some of your colleagues, read our terms of use, and then create your video and upload it to us!  We’re hoping you’ll consider touching on the following key points in your video:

  1. SAY AND SPELL YOUR NAME at the beginning of the video.  We will use this information to CAPTION your video. 
  2. Your dedication to your students, parents, and community.
  3. Your commitment to your family.
  4. Your concern for your safety and the safety of others.

By choosing to participate in this campaign through the use of our video upload portal, you agree to the terms of use.  CLICK HERE to review the terms. 


Please try to keep your video to 1 minute or less.

Use the following prompts to create your video or simply tell your story!

  • What are your thoughts and experiences related to instruction in a regular classroom setting?
  • What are your thoughts and experiences related to instruction in a virtual environment?
  • How have you approached the challenges of educating effectively while maintaining equity and safety for all?
  • What steps have you taken this year to provide your students with the best possible learning environment necessary for their success?
  • In what ways have your workload and your preparations for this school year been different than in previous years?
  • In what ways has this year impacted your thinking about your professional future and your career in education?
  • What are your greatest hopes/fears for the school year ahead?
  • What do you wish parents and community members knew about what it’s like to be an educator in the COVID-19 era?