KNEA Retired

NEA-R and KNEA-R utilize the energies and enthusiasm of Retired members for the benefit of public education and the education profession. Their years of experience in political action, collective bargaining, communications, public relations, and professional development make Retired members highly effective allies for Active members.

Who is eligible for membership in NEA-R and KNEA-R?
NEA Retired membership is open to any person who is at least 45 years of age or who is eligible to receive a pension from a retirement system and who was employed for at least five years in a position that qualified him or her for active membership but is no longer employed. (Retired membership is the category of membership that those persons who are disabled should use.)

KNEA-R membership is open to any KNEA member who has retired and is eligible to receive benefits under a school employee retirement system and
        A. has held Active or Educational Support membership in the
Association or in another state affiliate for at least one year
immediately prior to retirement; or
        B. was an Active or Educational Support member for at least ten (10)
consecutive years immediately before leaving public education
employment for employment in a related public education field where
he or she was not eligible for KNEA active membership. A “public
education field” shall be defined as an employment activity the mission
of which is consistent with or furthers the Mission Statement of
the KNEA.

How do I join? 
Contact your UniServ Unit office or send an email to KNEA-Retired. Members must join the retired program at the state level and at the national level.

What are the dues?
There are two types of NEA-Retired memberships: Retired-Annual and Retired-Lifetime. KNEA-R also has annual and lifetime dues.

NEA-R Annual Dues – $35.00
NEA-R Lifetime Dues – $250.00

KNEA-R Annual Dues – $20.00
KNEA-R Lifetime Dues – $150.00

Please note that active Life members do not automatically become members of KNEA-R. Only those individuals who were KNEA members the year immediately prior to their retirement are eligible for membership in KNEA-Retired.

2018-2019 Retired Membership Enrollment Form

What are some of the other benefits of joining NEA-Retired and KNEA-Retired?
Many retired members have decided to return to teaching as substitutes. NEA and KNEA-Retired members, who return to educational employment on a day-to-day basis are covered by the same liability insurance as they were when they were active members. This coverage is in effect ONLY if the retired person substitutes on a day-to-day basis. If the education employment is on a part-time or full-time basis, he/she must become an Active member. In addition, KNEA-Retired members are eligible to take advantage of a wide variety of special programs and discounts through our NEA Member Benefits Program.

2019-2020 KNEA-Retired Executive Committee

President – Judy Loganbill, [email protected]
Vice President – Bob Thesman – [email protected]
Secretary-Treasurer – Sherry Turnbull – [email protected]
KNEA Board Member – Judy Johnson – [email protected]
Past President – Chris Huntsman – [email protected]

KNEA Staff Liaison – Rex Hull – [email protected]