KNEA Human and Civil Rights Award

The HCR Award is given to an individual, a school, an educational association and/or organization working in the field of Human and Civil Rights within the last five years.


1.                  Nominees may be individuals, schools, educational associations and/or organizations working in the field of Human and Civil Rights within the last five years.  These nominations might be for one or more of the following areas:

A.                  protecting the rights of others in such areas as child abuse, sexual abuse, missing children, civil rights, discrimination, etc;

B.                   working to bring about improved interpersonal and/or intergroup Relations;

C.                   working toward improvement in board-staff relationships;

D.                  working for further understanding and appreciation of multi-ethnic groups and other groups which suffer discrimination;

E.                   establishing cooperative working relationships with other groups concerned with education; and

F.                   promoting educational quality.

2.               Nominations will be accepted only from KNEA members, and affiliates.

3.               All nominations must be submitted on the official nomination and documentation form.

4.               Appropriate support materials must accompany each nomination form.  This documentation may include newspaper clippings, newsletters, programs, certificates, citations, photographs (of the nominee, trophies, plaques, etc.), scrapbooks (which might contain all of the above), or audio/video tapes (although transcripts are preferred).  All support materials must be related to one or more of the criteria listed for the award.

5.              Support materials must be arranged in an orderly and sequential manner and limited to ten pages.  Items must be properly numbered and labeled.  Examples of previous support material include, but are not limited to, newspaper clippings, certificate, photographs, scrapbooks or audio/video tapes.  Please fasten together and mail in large envelope or box.  Do not send bulk items such as trophies, plaques or valuable certificates — photographs of such items will suffice.

6.             A five-person selection committee will be appointed by the KNEA Board to select the award winner.  This committee is comprised of two members of the Human and Civil Rights Advisory Council, two members of the KNEA Board of Directors, and the KNEA Vice-President.

The KNEA Board will present this award at the KNEA Representative Assembly.

The Board reserves the right to present no award in any given year.

Nominations and support materials are to be sent to the KNEA President.

PLEASE NOTE: The deadline for submitting a nomination form is 5 p.m. on Feb. 1 of each year or the next business day if Feb. 1 falls on a Saturday or Sunday.

CLICK HERE to download the nomination form.