NOTE: The following video was produced on July 16, 2020, at KTWU studios in Topeka, Kansas. Panelists and production crew members exercised safe-distance and hand washing. Face coverings were used except by panelists only while recording the discussion.

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ABOUT THE VIDEO: The answers in the following video reflect the best recommendations at the time of recording. We ask all viewers to keep in mind that changing circumstances may require additional guidance and individual circumstances require individual guidance. This video is only intended to be used as general guidance for KNEA members who have questions during the unprecedented global pandemic.

If you are a KNEA member and have additional concerns or questions, please use the ABOUT, CONTACT & PRIVACY link on this website to contact your UniServ office. You can also use the HELP link in the right-side toolbar.


  • Marcus Baltzell, KNEA Director of Communications (Host & Moderator)
  • Marjie Blaufuss, KNEA General Counsel
  • Mark Desetti, KNEA Director of Government Relations
  • Kevin Riemann, KNEA Executive Director
  • Mark Farr, KNEA President