Jack Williamson Service Award

This award shall be given in recognition of outstanding service in public education. This award may be given to any KNEA member, KNEA staff, UniServ District or Local Association who advocates for KNEA members and education professionals. This award will be given to those people who best personify the larger-than-life spirit of Jack Williamson.

This award will be presented to the person(s) responsible for furthering the mission and/or objectives of KNEA in one or more of the following:

1. Providing outstanding service on multiple levels
2. Seeking common ground with diverse groups
3. Being an effective communicator by using technology in innovative ways to reach out to members
4. Organizing and participating in political action
5. Handling confrontation yet relishing in the good fight
6. Keeping up with current trends and issues in education
7. Organizing and implementing activities at the local, UniServ and state levels.

PLEASE NOTE: The deadline for submitting a nomination form is 5 p.m. on Feb. 1 of each year or the next business day if Feb. 1 falls on a Saturday or Sunday.

CLICK HERE to download the nomination form.